Friday, November 9, 2012

more random unschooling moments

 Camille wanted to make Peppermint Humbugs from The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.  Having never made candy before, I couldn't come up with a proper candy thermometer but we gave it a go anyway.
 I couldn't believe this sensory-sensitive girl even touched that hot gooey mess, but she attempted to twist and stretch it into a 'rope'.  It turned more into peppermint crumbles, but they did melt in the mouth and were quite tasty, as well as being made from organic ingredients.

 In the meantime, Sylvia made No Bake Oatmeal Cookie Balls, which were pretty much designed to be something to dig into with her bare hands :).  We substituted coconut oil for the butter and they came out quite tasty as well.

Camille wrote a fan letter to Bill Nye the Science Guy on behalf of her and her sisters.  There should probably be some punctuation in there somewhere, but I thought it was nice that they took the initiative to write to him.

On a beautiful sunny day, I had some happy helpers with various outdoor chores.
 turning the compost
enjoying the sunshine

 breaking up and hauling kindling 

 Believe it or not, Sylvia's favorite chore is shoveling out the chicken coop.  Really.  This girl would be upset if that job got done without her.  My favorite part about cleaning the litter (wood shavings, feathers, and poo) out of the coop is adding it to the compost pile.  Such rich nutrients!  Sometimes if there's an extra tasty scrap (such as a retired jack-o-lantern) on the compost heap, the hens will save us some trouble and do their business right there.
 After the snowfall earlier this week, I had to admit that the last of the autumn garden was over.  I started paying attention to the indoor gardening that Papa has been working on, from these potted tomatoes to microgreens and herbs.  Yum!
 more ropes play
 right side up and upside down

 Today we joined our homeschool co-op for a potluck and square dance.  
 Good food, good people, music, and dancing on a Friday afternoon?  I'll take it!

q & a with the musicians and caller

tangled up Verde girls

Wishing you all a randomly awesome weekend....

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  1. I love watching your days - the seasons all the wrong way round, the cooking, the ruralness of it all! Thanks for letting us in!

    PS: Punctuation! LOL!


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