Saturday, November 3, 2012

Papa's Angels

 We didn't know what it would bring when Camille convinced her Papa to audition with her at the local community theater.  They both got major roles in Papa's Angels, him as Papa Jenkins, and her as Maude, his happy-go-lucky 7 year old daughter.  They spent two months of five-days-a-week rehearsals.
 All of the cast's efforts were so well rewarded by the amazing performances, set, and directors.  The final tech night rehearsal saw stage fright and sound system failures, which was the perfect time to work out these kinks because the first (of nine) performances ran smoothly and was phenomenal!

 A local newspapers quoted one of the directors saying, "I was amazed how 15 people who were total strangers pulled together as a theater family."  I think that really shows through in the performance.

 The entire audience was enthusiastically on their feet at the end of the play.  Sylvia sweetly brought her sister flowers on the stage and loudly proclaimed, "They're from the whole family.  And they're REAL!"
 I am so proud of my wonderfully dramatic daughter, and her good-natured musically-talented papa.


  1. How cool that they are doing this together!

  2. I'm interested in discussing this with you as our school hopes to do 'Papa's Angel's this Christmas. Here's my email address: could we please get in touch? tx.


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