Saturday, November 17, 2012

sand and stars

We spent some time recently playing with virtual sand, and then went out to play with real sand.  It was a very fine November day. (If you check out the virtual sand, try typing the letter c and then dragging your cursor through the colors.  Also, you can save creations to their gallery by clicking on the gray box in the upper left corner.)
Not everyone wanted to play in the sand.  I split my time between warm sand play and sitting with Camille, helping her learn how to cable knit.

 No cable needle?  A stick will work just fine :)

 I have a rather elfin hooded scarf in progress for myself.

We've also spent some time looking at virtual stars, and admiring the real ones.  We woke up in the wee hours to try to view the Leonid meteor shower during its peak, but it was so chilly out that we settled on just stargazing during the regular evening hours. 

We've had a lot of big emotions and big conversations going on around here.  All of it part of the learning. Conversations have included topics such as euthanasia and the death penalty.  It's amazing to me how different life is with my 9-year-old is than it was when she was 8.  Camille has grown intellectually, emotionally, and physically in leaps and bounds this year.  And yet she is still so playful and sweet and young much of the time.  I think she's feeling that struggle where little girl stuff is not as engaging anymore, but she hasn't found her stride yet with her longer legs.

Sylvia and Ayla have been having their own challenges, mostly involving 2-year-old-energy being too much for a gentle 5-year-old.  I'm so glad that Sylvia has a tendency to stay up later than her sisters because we have our best conversations snuggling in bed after everyone else is asleep.  I either read aloud to her or we watch nature documentaries (most of the time, though it was a Barbie Mermaid movie recently :)  I really value being able to spend some time with each girl individually as often as possible, so that it doesn't just become me managing the group dynamics of different ages and personalities, but really getting to connect with the shining spirits of Camille, Sylvia, and Ayla as they grow and change.

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