Wednesday, April 10, 2013

life is just going along

Sometimes, I like to blog when things seem exciting or grand in some way around here.  It's fun to share those moments with family, friends and fellow life-learners.  

Sometimes, I especially enjoy blogging when it seems like we're not doing much.  Wanna know why?  It simply reminds me of all of the goodness that happens when life is just going along.
Camille's gluten-free pizza in the making
Sylvia's whole grain spelt, ready for toppings
ready for the oven
my first time pruning fruit trees
while Papa and I were pruning
What to do with all of these Honeycrisp scions?  Try our hand at grafting, of course.
 including bridge grafting the bunny-damaged bark

lavender greening
more g-f pizza, heart shaped
an itty-bitty finished vest for a new baby boy
fun with building toys from the thrift store

fun with science (red cabbage powder, baking soda, citric acid, water, and oil)
Sylvia's enthusiasm was so infectious that everyone wanted a turn 

YouTube exploring, from Bollywood to 1940s Hollywood to zumba.
This girl likes to mooooove.
playing at the library
 playing Wildcraft
Then we awoke to every branch and weed and blade of grass encased in ice. 
 "Look, Mama, a robin.  See its red tummy?"
deep in thought, soon to be three years old

Ice storms come in April, and the days roll on . . . .life in Wisconsin.

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  1. Hey, Life in Wisconsin looks like fun! Your family's escapades always cheer me up - you guys definitely enjoy yourselves : ) That tree grafting looks interesting, will have to look up how to do that. Thanks (as always) for the inspiration xx


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