Thursday, April 25, 2013

rails to trails

We live near a bike path that is a retired and converted railroad line.  It links to over a hundred miles of scenic, continuous bike trails through the Wisconsin countryside.  Today, we took our first real ride of the year, about 8 miles.  I'm so proud of Sylvia.  Last year she would have still been in the trailer beside Ayla, and this year she pedaled the whole way.  
 Go, Sylvie!

 beaver dam


 Our destination, four miles out and four miles back, was a stop for ice cream and a playground, but we may have stopped at other places along the way to soak up some of the intermittent sunshine.
Mmmmmm, other day of momentum.  I'll take it and be grateful.  


  1. Hello Nikole,
    We have a baby cottontail, rescued from a used car dealership, and passed on to us by less-available folks. From my research he looks to be 1) a boy, and 2) maybe 5-8 days old? His eyes are open and he has a short, perhaps normal, fur coat. He walks around feebly, but always in search of a hiding spot. I've been trying to get him eating but he rejected raw cows cream, and now a strong mix of powdered goat milk; it has been almost 24 hrs since he was picked up. I saw your video of feeding Potter, and my next thought is to try the KMR and heavy cream. How did you inspire Potter to eat? I've just left a little drop half on his lips and coaxed him to relax and lick his lips; it worked enough for him to taste, but not to want any more. Thanks for any insight you have to lend.


    1. Aaron, I'll send you an email to let you know what worked for me.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day in the sunshine! Glad you're getting some spring sun. Today was our hike day. We hiked down to the river, which isn't 8 miles! We need to do some longer hikes now that the weather is milder.

    1. I meant to add we don't really have anywhere nearby to ride our bikes here with the hills and curvy roads, but we do enjoy our hikes.

  3. Jenny, I know the feeling with the hills and curves. Even though we are less than two miles from the bike path we loaded up the trailer with bikes and drove over to the path. Those two incredibly hilly miles would be too discouraging to little legs, and maybe Mama legs, too :) It's not perfect, but it works. I like a good hike too, and if there's a river, even better!


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