Tuesday, April 30, 2013

topsy-turvy spring

Sun-kissed and wind-blown.  Dirty hands and tired muscles.  Fire and sunshine and heat lightning.  The last patch of melting snow and 87 degrees (Fahrenheit) within days of each other.  Growing independence and tender young hatchlings and shoots. 

Last night at 2am, our dog, Carly, whined and whined to go out.  Reluctant and grumbling, I got up to let her out.  Bleary eyed, I saw flashes and pulses of light on the horizon.  Stepping out, T-shirt and barefoot, the wind blew away my reluctance, an owl hooted nearby, the moon and stars shone, and along the western and southern horizon low-lying clouds were dancing with heat lightning.  I gulped deep breaths of spring's goodness and changeability, and thanked Carly for her middle of the night wake-up call.

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  1. Love your firepit! And the chickens. And the chick - have you ever? So cute! And finally, as you warm up, we are cooling down - love that the world is so weird like that!


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