Thursday, April 4, 2013


Not simplicity, as in our possessions are very minimal and of gorgeous quality.  Not, as in our days and our food choices are always pure and wholesome.  Simplicity, in that we live our lives the best we can muster day to day and embrace it in all of its imperfections and complications.

 The trees are perfect for climbing and the compost pile is just thawed enough to turn.

 The solar panels soak in the sun's rays to heat our floors and water.

The sun feels glorious on our upturned faces, but she hasn't quite warmed the ground here yet.

the first laundry on the line this year

The chickens are happy for the thaw, but that hawk circling the field makes me uneasy.

Camille baked her first gluten-free bread from scratch and declared it the best ever.

 Then she proceeded to make a batch of crunchy parmesan breadsticks with more of the gluten-free dough.  They were so good with warm marinara sauce. 


Often we cook lovely, wholesome, locally- and sustainably-grown food.  Sometimes our soup comes from a can.  Occasionally we stop for fast food fries.

Our clothes are almost all second-hand and somewhat threadbare, but we happily hang them in the sunshine.  My children often look like wild ragamuffins and I kind of love that!

Sometimes our learning looks like NASA videos on YouTube, or painting wooden peg people, or reading in the yard, or exploring with friends, or discussing ratios, or figuring out a sewing pattern.  Sometimes it looks like discussing big issues or learning new languages.  Sometimes it looks like playing in the mud.
mud ball, anyone?

What wealth we have, if one wants to call it that, is in our ability to appreciate the beauty in the imperfections.  To opt for better choices when we are able.  To connect with others in meaningful ways.

In honor of all of this beautiful sunshine, I'd like to share with you a song that my husband recently recorded.


  1. I am enjoying a few moment of catching up here, while everyone else is still in bed, so i will come back to your husband's song. But what a beautiful heartening post - full of good things - and laundry on the line!!

  2. please tell me the bread recipe! My daughter is wanting bread!

    1. We used the Gluten-Free Crusty Boule recipe from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day. We got it from the library. This recipe is so good and we've made it into loaf bread, bread sticks, and pizza so far. Lots of variations.

    2. oh cool thx! My library has it :-) I quit blogging again. I have major issues obviously! But I'm going to check my reader periodically to keep in touch.

    3. Im blogging again. wow! i totally have a disorder. im like oh i dont want to share all of our business, oh i need their help, oh i dont want to look like an idiot, oh i am an idiot,...

    4. I totally get it. I sometimes feel pretty vulnerable after posting something, and think, "Um, why do I think anyone wants to read this? What if it comes off as really ridiculous, or boring, or (insert negative adjective)?"

      Ultimately, I enjoy blogging and documenting our days this way even if no one else ever gets it. The kind comments are a total bonus.

      For what it's worth, I love your blog and enjoy visiting it! I really and truly appreciate your honest voice, Megan!!!

  3. Thanks, Jacqui. I almost forgot how much I love hanging laundry on the line. Especially if I have a little helper!

  4. This post was perfect in its simplicity :) I completely agree. I am looking forward to putting clothes outside again, if the rain would stop. We also buy secondhand, but it's getting tough for the oldest. He's taller than me now (he's 12)! Finding shoes is always a problem. I've been having better luck finding those hard-to-find used items on Ebay. And I think your wild ragamuffins are adorable!

  5. Thanks, Jenny. I can't yet imagine my kids being taller than me, but it's bound to happen. I'm pretty short :).

  6. Just beautiful...your days, your family, the song. I love visiting you!

  7. I love your posts and missed them while I was away. And yes, I missed hanging the laundry on the line (even if it did rain almost straight away).

  8. Bethany, thanks for visiting!
    Ingi, welcome back! I can't wait to see your travel posts and pictures.

  9. Chickens, laundry on the line, bread, happy children... perfect simplicity. Also love the music!


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