Monday, January 31, 2011

more adventure of different sorts

 Papa took some pictures of Camille at her blacksmithing class.  She came home with some cool projects and the tool and instructions to be able to do some copper repousse work at home.

As well as doing the repousse in copper, Camille created a metal butterfly by soldering together scrap pieces that they had available at  The Howard Academy for the Metal Arts.

I shared with her a silver and tiger eye piece that I had created in a jewelry-making class using the lost-wax casting method and now she wants to try that :)

And Sylvia folded yet more paper airplanes.

And "Can we do water balloons in the middle of winter?"  Sure, just take it to the bathroom...or better yet the bathtub.

So out came the swimsuits, and for Sylvia, a life jacket even, and they had a bathtub adventure, wherein a large orange dinosaur egg was found.

And Camille was given a new instrument by this lovely family and has been at it for hours (and did I mention we're ready for a whole new BIG adventure?....We are:)


  1. Oh so much goodness! I am good at plumbing!

  2. What a great skill to have, Jen. Maybe you can give me some pointers :)


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