Monday, June 3, 2013

flavors and colors of a peaceful weekend

We co-exist quite peacefully with the weeds in our yard (and garden), and eat them when we can.

Camille is a bare-handed nettle picker.  Everyone else in the family prefers gloves to avoid the sting, but she just avoids the stems and they don't bother her.

The as-of-yet-unplanted parts of the garden have an abundance of lamb's quarters.

The nettles and lamb's quarters were both sauteed in butter and served with brown rice couscous and scrambled eggs fresh from the coop for Friday's dinner.
2 out of 3 children approve (The other one had her eggs with toast.)

Custard is another good way to use lots of eggs.  We had it warm with freshly whipped cream and chopped cherries.

There was more of the usual. . . .

lots of li'l plants made it into the garden this weekend


We also enjoyed the custard cold, topped with rhubarb compote. (I had it for Sunday's breakfast).

Sylvia and Ayla like to get their bodies traced and then draw in (or scribble in) the details with chalk.

And I picked out some lawn furniture for my birthday!  I turn 36 tomorrow!  I do love a flavorful, colorful, relaxing weekend.  Life is good.


  1. Ha! We are the same age. Happy Birthday! :)

  2. happy birthday! i do so wish we had an outdoor space such as yours to hang out in, but I'm not comparing myself to you! oh no :-) damn that would be nice. no stop Megan! shit whatever. cool chalk.

  3. Ha, Megan! I remember when you were planting things outdoors about two months before I was going to be able to. Darn comparisons.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    How funny, my birthday was May 1st and I got a deck with new lawn furniture too! It is my most favorite present ever.

    Your daughter is so brave, I always wear gloves because I do not like to get stung.


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