Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the making of moments

Our lives are simple and complicated, basic and amazing.  Life is made up of all of the messy and lovely ordinary moments when one thing is becoming another.
the making of a mud puddle, with a friend

the making of music, with a friend

the making of laughter, with a sister

the making of a colorful windowsill, with an 'eyeball plant'

the making of braille, with a knitting needle point
(It reads:  I love you, Mama :)

the making of fertile soil, with compost (primarily from the chickens)

the making of the last section of the gardens ready to plant (and sore muscles)

 the making of food, from the earth

For me, cultivating gratitude and grace is all about the process of making and becoming.  Attending with mindfulness, when it would be so easy to only look to the end product.  Shoveling compost, stretching tired muscles, helping my children when an emotional state is unraveling.  Sometimes, a calm deep breath, a thoughtful word or touch can make all of the difference.

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