Tuesday, June 11, 2013

dance in the rain, chase chickens

Some sand, water, sticks, maybe a tennis ball and a couple of new friends on occasion.  My girls could spend every day at this little pond at our local state park that they grandly refer to as The Beach (capitalized and italicized of course, you can hear it in their voices.)

The water is still too cold for me, but knitting and daydreaming suits me just fine.

After yesterday spent at the beach, I decided that I could ignore my garden no longer.  I was determined to work in the garden today.  This spring has been very rainy.  My front garden is planted, but my back garden is only about halfway there since the soil had been so muddy.  The weeds are loving all of this precipitation, but some of my veg plants are getting washed out and some are refusing to grow.  I was feeling discouraged by my lack of gardening skill and enthusiasm (and control over the weather), but my little garden sprite helped turn me right around.
Each weed that she yanked up was a precious party baby in a green frock heading to the party bus (wheelbarrow) to go to the compost party.  The tallest grasses were the party mamas.  After pulling a particularly tall grass, Ayla exclaimed, "This party mama is gigantic, just like you!"  Elaborate weavings of endless stories with Ayla being Mrs. Frog, the narrator, were my entertainment.
You know with an enthusiastic, talkative, three-year old helper gardening can be slow work ("don't step on the strawberries, love"), but her tiny little fistfuls of cocoa bean mulch were laid around each tiny plant with such care that I knew the importance of this garden was right here.  This moment.  There's still bound to be tomatoes and peas and broccoli and whatnot, but our gardening together was worth so much already.

While some year I hope to have my flats of seeds started earlier and my soil prepped more thoroughly and my plants thoughtfully arranged, this year I will be pleased to coax some veggies from seed to harvest with Mrs. Frog.

When it started to rain, Ayla was ready to go in.  None of the girls wanted to play in the rain with me.  That never happens.  Camille and Sylvia were inside having a "cook-off".  They were trying to make up some interesting recipes.  So I danced by myself in the rain in the garden and ate lamb's quarters.  A rare moment to myself well spent. :)
Then I heard, "Maaa-maaa!  I left the door open!"  About half of the flock of hens had sauntered in for shelter.  It took three of us plus the puppy to chase them out.  Oh my!  It was pretty hilarious, actually.

My life is not efficient.  It may be the antithesis of efficient much of the time, but the laundry still gets hung on the line, the babes still get fed, and I was reminded that they're not always going to want to play in the rain with me.  We might as well enjoy the little moments while we can.


  1. haha! we've never had that many chickens in the house, but we do get one in on occasion. no poop on the floor?

  2. Oh, my is about all I can think to say about the chickens...and maybe..."You had time to grab a camera." I'm smiling thinking of it.

  3. Love that muddy face! How perfect! At least you garden...

    Love the chooks in the house and that you took a pic :-)

  4. If no one is hurting, there's always time to grab a camera!

    And, amazingly enough, there was no poo on the floor. I've had a stray chicken in the house often enough to know how surprising that is :)


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