Tuesday, December 13, 2011

free-range chickens and free-range kids

I was looking over my photos from the last three days and there were very few that didn't relate to chickens some how.

 Even Camille changing my flat tire has a chicken in the background :)

 And here's Sylvia pretending to be a chicken roosting in the cherry tree.
 No chickens, just girls on the go.
 And here's Ayla learning to share with here friend Rosie, handing a fresh egg back and forth :)

This doesn't relate to chickens, but Sylvia really enjoyed making this simple ornament.  The idea came from Plot 55.  Maybe we should make some egg-shaped...

And if you're not familiar with the blog FreeRangeKids, it's worth a look.  If you are trying to "raise safe, self-reliant children, without going nuts with worry", you might find inspiration there :)


  1. Love this post - especially the last pic of the girls walking along with their chickens. So sweet. Our chickens get lots of cuddles from our girl, too. :)

  2. I can't wait until we move and build our earthship and have our own chickens :) Wonderful pictures! I love Aayla's hat and yeah Camille for changing the tire!!!


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