Thursday, December 8, 2011

ordinary moments

Sylvia learned to sew with a needle and thread by sewing up a hole in her favorite kitty stuffed animal, and then proceeded to hand sew teeny tiny back stitches to make a little draw string bag.

We are very slowly starting to decorate for the winter/holidays around here.  I'm not a winter lover, so I guess I'm a bit in denial that it is actually December.  I'm not feeling as irritable as I was in my last post, but am still a bit uninspired.  It will come around again....(inspiration that the like)


  1. What a clever little one your girl is! Your girls are SUCH sweethearts. I love seeing them, doing their thing, being themselves so purely. Yeah. I love coming here, Nikole. :)

    I am sending you smiles and hugs, for you, as you ARE, in whatever form or feeling you hold in this moment. I am glad for YOU.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling a little better! And yeah, it will. Mine came yesterday morning. Surprised me! :) woohoo!


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