Sunday, December 4, 2011

Outdoor Work

What I love to hear when we are working together to do chores around the property..."This is so fun.  Can we do this more often?"
 gathering brush for kindling
 gathering eggs 
 Our hens just started laying yesterday for the first time.  Papa and Sylvia built these nesting boxes for the coop last night.

 "Papa, can I try that?"

 using a tree saw
 hammering in a splitting wedge
 Ayla had a front row seat for all of the action.

I love that we can heat our home through solar energy and all of the wood we can gather, saw, split, and haul.  What a satisfying endeavor.  And yay!!! for eggs form our own lil free range hens.

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  1. But, don't you know that all that is soooo dangerous! I mean really, girls with axes and saws and such! Super cool that they are into it and that you can make hard work a fun adventure. Love reading your blog!


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