Sunday, December 18, 2011

a Sunday hike

Papa and I were meant to be cleaning and organizing today, but instead we took Christmas photos of the girls.  They didn't want to much, but they indulged me.
       'smile for the camera'                         and                       real laughter

and ragamuffin style

Then since it was warm-ish (coats and mittens, but comfortable) and we all needed it, we went hiking at a state park.  A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, one of my very favorite ways....

 The girls loved finding dried out puffball mushrooms and stepping on them to release their 'smoke' (spores),

 and walking and dancing on the frozen pond.

 After Ayla walked for a while, it was time to cozy up in her wrap for a snuggle and a sleep.
 I love to walk inhaling the sweet wide open, and watch the colors change as the sun slides down the sky.  I love to wear my babe and hold my older daughter's hand.  I love to watch my girl twirl and delight in the icy pond, and discover fish and turtles swimming beneath the clear.  I love to sneak a kiss with their Papa while they aren't paying attention.  There is nothing quite like a walk in the woods as winter approaches to clear the head, open the heart, and connect with the dear beloveds that share this life with me.


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