Saturday, December 10, 2011

joy returns

in the form of...
~ finished weaving projects that a little sister adores and listening to the same A Motown Christmas album that I grew up listening to (Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, the Temptations,...)

 ~ Ayla in pigtails and Sylvia in her usual living room dance mode

 ~ the Christmas tree farm two miles from our house and the sunshine

 *the above four photos are by Papa
Camille and I took turns sawing down the tree.  We picked out a 6 1/2 foot balsam.

~ the scent of a fresh pine tree
This is the first time that we have ever had a Christmas tree as we are usually in Minnesota with family for the holidays.
*photo by Dakota
~ a visit from friends  
The mamas played music while the girls "launched" each other across Camille's room.  Instead of going into mom mode with "that looks dangerous", I went with "that looks like fun.  Let me grab my camera."  Besides they padded the floor with a pile of clothes and blankets :)  
 the little sisters being launched by the big sisters
 ~ the decorating
 ~ the marveling
 ~ oh, and let's not forget the topper.  *
 ~ hot cocoa made to order

My heart is lifted.

And I had two full nights of sleep with vivid adventurous dreams.

And more visitors to look forward to tomorrow.  Life is good.

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  1. Awesome day! Love that nakey butt tree decorating you had going on!


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