Friday, December 2, 2011

Ta Da!

Camille has a new and improved (with walls, floors, ceiling and all!) bedroom!

This is what Camille's bedroom looked like 4 weeks ago as we were clearing it out, getting ready to finish the walls, ceiling, and flooring.  
Putting drywall on the ceiling is not an easy job.  While Papa did most of the work, we had to work together to get the pieces in place.

 While I did most of the mudding and taping, and Papa did the drywalling and sanding, everyone tried their hand at all of the jobs that they were capable of.
 The job of painting was shared by all.
 Installing the laminate flooring was tricky as some of it was a bit warped, but I love the way that it looks with the happy blue color that Camille chose.

There's still a lot of little things left to be done, including the trim work, but it is livable, insulated, and Camille has her room back!  I love the combination of bold, cheerful, cool colors and whimsical, girly touches that Camille has chosen.  I was secretly delighted that she wanted to put up the canopy that I had made her for her old bedroom.  At the time, when she was picking out the pink and blue flowers for it, I was secretly cringing from the sheer girly-ness of it all.  I was never big on pink and frills when I was a kid, but seeing my own daughters delight in fairies, princesses, and pink frilly frou frou, I can appreciate the bedazzle of girly stuff now, chosen, as it was, without anyone telling them that "this is what girls like".


  1. I love it! My girls' room needs a little help too.

  2. looks so great. And I agree, that blue looks great with the laminate floor. Well done, you guys.

  3. I love that color! Looks fantastic.


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