Thursday, December 27, 2012

home for the holidays

The day before Christmas Eve we went to my grandparents' house and celebrated with four generations of extended family.
Great-Grandpa love

Papa love

shaking jingle bells during impromptu carol singing

on Abuelo's lap

The older girls ended the evening by playing ghost in the graveyard in the snow with my cousins' kids.

Christmas Eve was spent at my in-laws' home with more extended family, another day of feasting, and more fun presents, including science kits, dolls, craft kits, and a small microscope!
dance celebration
They even talked Grandpa into joining them!

with the cousins

present opening

2 year-olds learning to share sweetly :)

more cousin love

Christmas morning at my parents' house started with more joyous gift-opening, followed by a Christmas feast of enchiladas, tostadas, taquitos, tamales, black beans and rice, guacamole, and more home-baked goodies for dessert than I could count!  We were well and truly spoiled :).
                    opening presents with Tio
sunny drive home

On Christmas Eve our mini-van died en route to my in-laws, but the day after Christmas my husband and father had a new alternator in and the van was up and running before I even got out of bed.  So grateful for handy folks in my life!  SO grateful for family, feasting, fun, and philosophical conversation!!!

I'm also grateful to be safely back to our hilltop home, to our puppy and chickens and woodstove and lots to keep us busy.  Many blessings to you and yours....

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