Sunday, December 9, 2012

In the Spirit

 Thursday saw us really starting to get in the Holiday Spirit.  After the library we joined our homeschool co-op for some choral singing practice.  I even dusted off my guitar skills and learned the music for Jingle Bells, Christmas is Coming, and The Holly and the Ivy (darn B minor chord!).
 We got inspired by the Winter Tissue Paper Trees over at Wee Folk Art, and made our own version of these for Christmas cards.

We dusted off the record player to enjoy our Christmas albums (some of our favorites are pictured), and we've been surfing Netflix for classic Christmas shows.  

If you've never seen Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas, you should watch it!  It's our all-time favorite Christmas show. "Sweet as honeysuckle on the vine, Ma!"
 There is a Christmas tree farm just up the road and this is our second year having an actual Christmas tree!
Everyone, including Ayla, took a turn at the tree saw, and we all helped carry it out.
 It's so fun to rediscover all of the ornaments as we unwrap them, whether they came from my childhood, or were made last year by the girls (like our beaded icicle ornaments).
reach for the top

 We even roasted chestnuts in the woodstove. We found out that most of us really don't like roasted chestnuts, but Camille declared them "the best ever".

 Today I awoke to snow falling and a fire being started in the woodstove by Papa, attended a Christmas cantata with Camille, played in the snow with the girls, made hot cocoa from scratch, cooked up a big, bubbly pot of turkey potato leek soup, and now I can say that I'm truly in the Spirit of the Season.

I'm off to see if I can catch up on my knitting for Solstice gifts for the girls.

I wish you all joy and merriment this Season, however you celebrate your Holidays!

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