Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ordinary moments ~ three days

I love seeing, celebrating, and sharing the simple moments in our lives.  It helps keep me present and thankful for them, in all of their ordinary glory.

 playing at the mall, passing time before an appointment at the hospital

 Camille, bravely sporting her first cast (from a rollerskating fall)

 playing Bazaar

 an epic stroll around the 'neighborhood'

 with plenty of restful breaks in the sunshine

 Mama photo by Sylvia

  up close and personal with the grass, out of the wind

 Mama photo by Camille

  almost back home

 figuring out the magical kitchener stitch with Camille

painting by Ayla

Sylvia, making a suncatcher

I always wonder what tomorrow will bring . . . more ordinary goodness of some sort, I am sure.


  1. Wonderful days - so good to feel the winter sun on the face like that. Hope your daughter's injury is soon mended x

  2. Thanks, Jacqui,
    The injury isn't slowing her down much. I hope that's a good sign that she's mending well :)

  3. Oh I so want to learn to knit! I can do some basic crochet, but haven't worked up to knitting. I so need to!


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