Thursday, December 13, 2012

unschooling moments

 playing Hedbanz
 The goal of the game is to figure out what you are by asking yes or no questions.  Am I an animal?  Am I a food? etc.  I got completely stumped.  I was smaller than a book and not edible. Useful, but not a hand tool.  Man-made, rather than natural.  Everyone in the family, except Ayla, knew how to use me responsibly. I was not sharp, or an office supply.  What was I?

 anatomy coloring book, checking out the wrist bones of course

 water color and magnetic mosaics

 telling time and Roman numerals ~ at the state office building

  fun at Lazy Jane's Cafe

 waiting at the doctor's office with dry-erase Alphabet Fun book, wooden Magnetic Color Cubes, and Travel Tangos (magnetic tangrams)  
The radiologist and her assistant let me know that Camille was a great patient to work with and that they gave her an anatomy lesson as well as an x-ray :).  

 gingerbread decorating

showing off the tree to her favorite chicken, Fluff

 exploring the snowy valley, with or without a sled 

their jobs:  play, learn, explore, create, eat

my job:  play, learn, explore, create, provide an interesting and varied environment, drive, clothe, and feed (and take pictures along the way, because it makes me happy!)


  1. What great fun living and learning! We definitely need to get the tangrams for the car. We're looking forward to more snow and making gingerbread cookies (we always make them on Christmas Eve).

  2. What a lovely post! Gotta love the many unschooling moments. :)

  3. My son just got the travel tangrams and loved it so much he finished the whole book in one sitting. Love the gingerbread cookies!

  4. Hello, It is great to be back online after many months and catch up with your lovely inspiring blog Much love to you all Gina xxx

  5. Thank you to each one of you for stopping by and commenting. And Gina, it's so nice to see you back online :) I look forward to catching up with you and your family on your new blog, too!

  6. Oh...we love hedbanz too! There is something sooo funny about it even when you're just bacon! :)


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