Thursday, December 20, 2012

(mostly) finished elving

The lighting in these photos leaves a lot to be desired, but the gifts are made with lots of love, and ready to be given bright and early tomorrow (um, mostly).
 3 mei-tai style baby carriers for three sisters and their dollies and stuffed animals (made from old patchwork VW bus curtains that I made eons ago :)

 a very fuzzy hooded scarf

 cowgirl butterfly astronaut vest

 new knits for Ella, a very favoritest Mama-made dolly (apron, shirt, and beginnings of a skirt)

 felted elf slippers

warmies for a niece and nephew (still a bit in progress)

phew!  Not a moment too soon. 

 Note to self:  start before Thanksgiving next year :)


  1. Such lovely things you have created, I hope they are gratefully received.

  2. Thank you s,
    My girls oohed and aahed and jumped up and down about each thing. Makes a Mama's heart glad!!

  3. Yes, beautiful! Glad they loved them :)


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