Sunday, March 24, 2013


The snow may still be falling, and the wind still blowing, but spring is slowly finding her way here.

boots sunk in mud
flowing water

About a month ago we started collecting the eggs out of the coop that were freshly laid.  They came in a few here and a few there, still warm from the hen. We wrote the date on each and tucked them into an incubator.   After 21 days from the first collected egg, these li'l chicks started emerging.  
 first hatchling, named Bella

Bella, one day later

 second hatchling, named Daffodil, Daphne, or Dill, depending on who you ask

 "Daphne, meet Carly.  Carly, Daphne."

third hatchling, named Rosy Posey

 Rosy Posey woke me up this morning

We still have an incubator full of eggs, so I'll try to restrain myself from over-dosing this blog with the chickie love from here on out.  But that's what's going on around here lately.  Lot's of chickie love.  Ah, now it feels like spring . . . snow and wind and all.

 It doesn't hurt that I have a little spring fairy running around to brighten the place :)


  1. That must be the most exciting thing ever for your kids to see the chicks emerge from the eggs!! My kids are just excited collecting our eggs! Reassuring that you are getting at least some signs of spring activity : ) x

  2. It is exciting, and not just for the kids! My husband kept missing the hatchings, so he stayed up late one night just to see one emerge :) It takes a surprisingly long time from when an egg first gets a tiny crack and starts cheeping, until the chick makes its way out. Over 24 hours sometimes.

  3. Oh, it is so special to see the little hatchlings! Looking forward to some of our hens hatching little ones this summer (we usually have some hatch before the summer solstice). Happy spring!

  4. Jenny, How sweet it would be to see the hens sit on and care for the little hatchlings themselves!

    1. Oh, it is so sweet. They are not sweet when they are broody and protecting their babes. Then they are warrior mamas!


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