Wednesday, March 6, 2013

alterations ~ some failure, some success

I almost never buy new clothes, with the exception of underthings.  I haven't even been browsing the thrift stores much.  One way I acquire new (to me) garments is through the beloved clothes swap (aka naked lady party). 

Anyway, when I looked in my closet recently and was not quite thrilled, I decided to take the stuff that I had and alter it in simple ways.  I started out by trying the bleach pen t-shirt idea.  There are plenty of tutorials out there.  
 I bought a bleach pen at the hardware store and drew a henna inspired design on a long sleeved cotton t-shirt.  I let it sit for almost 2 hours and then rinsed it out and threw it in the wash.  Nothing happened.  Nothing.  The shirt looked as if it had never seen bleach.
 I figured that it was just the dye in this particular shirt or that I didn't leave it on long enough.  So, the next day I let the girls try it and we left it on for 2 days straight.  I misted it with a spray bottle several times as it seemed that the bleach gel had dried without being absorbed.  Yep.  Nothing happened on their shirts either.  Fail.

Lots of people seem to have had great success with this idea (try googling bleach pen t shirt), but it didn't happen for us.

One of my recent clothes swap acquisitions was this ultra-soft angora sweater with sleeves just a little too long for me.  My quick fix?  Thumb holes, with embroidery floss sewn around it button-hole style to keep the holes from spreading.  I love it.
 I did some simple hemming on the sleeves and bottom of a clothes swap dress to adjust it for Camille.  She is now the proud owner of a beautiful, wintry, witchy  hooded dress.  She adores it.

Sometimes, the simplest of ideas make a big difference, and, um, sometimes they just don't work out.  Oh, well.  No harm done.


  1. Well, I feel all not-handy now! But I loved the bleach-pen idea. And Camille's dress? In the snow? Love it!!


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