Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sylvia is six

Since birthday celebrations tend to be a week-long affair around here, Sylvia's actual birthday was no-pressure and fairly low-key.  We baked a bunch of cupcakes (gluten-free, from a box) and went wild decorating them.
 kneading the fondant


 coloring and rolling the fondant

 After Sylvia blew out her candle, I asked if she made a wish.  She beamed and said, "Yes, and it already came true!"  I don't know what that wish was, but the fact that it was something that already existed in her life made me sooo happy.


 After cupcake decorating and cupcake eating, we spent time sledding and wrestling and tumbling in the snow.  It was very invigorating, and worked off the sugar high perfectly.

It was a day filled with love and appreciation, snuggles and movement, cupcakes and kisses.  Sylvia at age six is so in the moment, in her body, feisty and affectionate, clumsy and exuberant.  She is so perfectly Sylvia.

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