Thursday, March 14, 2013

puppets galore

Ayla is in the process of weaning.  That makes over ten years straight of pregnancy and/or breastfeeding my babies and toddlers.  Ten years.  As each of my children have been ready to wean, we've had a little celebration for them.  It's a big transition.  As part of the celebration, they each got to pick out a gift.  Never having shown an interest in wolves (or puppets), Ayla surprised me when she definitively declared that she wanted a wolf puppet, one that she could snuggle.

Okay, a snuggle-able wolf puppet it is!  I found a timber wolf puppet made by the Folkmanis company, and, on a whim, added in a burrowing owl.  She does love the wolf puppet that she named Pal, but Burrow, the owl, has become a beloved travelling companion when we are out of the house.

On our usual Tuesday-in-town, after the natural foods store, and the nature center, and the library with friends, we were at the Mazomanie Movement Arts Center for Camille and Sylvia's gymnastics / tumbling class.  The owner of MazoMAC saw Ayla's owl and mentioned that she had some puppets that had been donated to her that she doesn't have a use for and has been meaning to give away.  Would we be interested?  Um, yes!

She brought out a blue box covered in moons and opened it up to these delightful fairy tale puppets, plus a lady bug and a baby burrowing owl!  What an amazing gift!

After thanking her profusely, I donated all of the money in my wallet to the center, which was a very tiny sum compared to the awesomeness of these puppets and the joy it has brought my girls!  I think the box is meant to double as a puppet theater of sorts, but either we are missing pieces or missing the concept altogether.  That doesn't stop us from using it as such.  It props up well enough.

 flight and sweetness

 The puppet with the baby owl, above, has been named Camille, the Pirate Queen.

The stories and characters change and evolve throughout the day, being revisited again and again.

Here's Pal, the snuggle-able wolf puppet that started it all.

I have more thoughts to share about community and transitions and gratitude, but I am being asked to join a girlie living room dance party, so it'll have to wait for another time . . . I am needed. 

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  1. Just wanted to comment and say WOW! on those puppets. I love when things work out like that. Oh and Ps LOVE your daughters winter blue dress down below too. :)


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