Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas past

This year I don't have a lot of time with my hands free, what with holding a baby, helping a 3 year old, and keeping up with a 7 year old.  So, I will revisit last year's homemade gifts to help myself feel better.

For S:  A felt board, made out of a large pizza box, with lots of cut felt shapes to rearrange... in the bottom, and dark brown felt inside the lid.  (I searched clip art for animal silhouettes to use as a reference, then drew them onto the felt before cutting.)

For C:  A knit witch that she named "Mee".  (I modified a Halloween Witch Doll pattern that I found on Ravelry)

Two wee fairy folk for each girl, and a felted home for them to share.  (The fairy pattern is from the Spring 2008 issue of Living Crafts magazine)
I also helped the girls make each other aprons.  I'm sure that they won't mind will be very excited that they have all store bought presents this year, but I know there's a special magic in creating presents with love.  However, the time spent caring for them and enjoying their company is a greater gift/priority this year.

Also, check out "Creative Fridays" for crafty inspiration over at this blog.

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  1. what wonderful present you made them last year! the fairy house and faries is so adorable! Christmas will be just as special for them this year as its the thought that counts. Unfortunately there arent enough hours in a day to do every thing so better to let go and enjoy time with your children then get stressed trying to make things you dont have time for


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