Thursday, December 30, 2010

computer keyboard cake

I've decided to just use my daughters' names instead of initials, because I was looking over some old posts and the initials seemed slightly confusing to me and I obviously know who it's referring to.  I don't suppose it really provides extra security to my family anyway.  So, I'll just put a little faith in blogland, and hereafter refer to them as Camille, Sylvia, and Ayla (although Sylvia often insists her real name is Sweetpea).

Anyway, the girls wanted to make and decorate another cake with fondant.  Some of the last ones went stale and had to be tossed, so we thought we'd make one for Papa to bring to the office.  Since he's a software developer, the girls wanted to make a computer keyboard cake.  Sylvia mixed and frosted the marble cake, Camille made the fondant, and after we draped the whole thing in gray fondant, we all made little squares of black fondant to be the keys.  Camille used a bottle of white icing to draw out the numbers and letters.

I think they'll like it.  Must go clean up the mess....  ;-)


  1. Fabulous cake! We made gum paste flowers last night for a party--all that stuff is so fun!

  2. Yeah, names vs. fake names vs. initials... We did names for awhile and then my boys freaked out that people came up to them all the time (really! somehow it happens all the time) and addressed them by name. So, we have done initials for a few years now, and when people come up they instead say, oh, you must be Denise - I recognize the boys - and address me rather than immediately facing the boys, which makes them feel MUCH more comfortable. A recently told me he thinks it is OK for people to know his name, but G had a moment of panic that nobody should know his name, so we'll keep it A & G for now - much easier to type anyway! Always give a little take a little with it all when they are little ones. :)

    Catching up and not commenting in order...but love the cake!


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