Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Solstice report and craft

Earlier this week, C wrote her first "report".  It was for a Girl scout project, where all the girls shared information, crafts, and/or food from a different culture's winter celebration.  C did her report on Winter Solstice, and brought a craft to share (from here).  There was a wide range of traditions from Yule logs, to Diwali (from India), to a modification of a Japanese spring celebration where all the girls threw jellybeans at a mom in a red demon mask.  Fun!

The craft took a bit of preparation.  The balloons all needed a first layer of tissue paper covered in a glue/water mixture, which had to dry overnight.

Then the girl scouts layered the balloons with different colors of tissue paper and hung them to start drying.

After they were home and dry, and the balloons were popped, all that was left to do was tape a tea light candle to the bottom.  They look so lovely lit up (but I haven't managed a good picture of that yet).
Yule logs
Since then, we've all been a bit under the weather, so we've been doing this
                                and this


Winter solstice is the shortest day of the year. It's also the longest night. People have celebrated solstice for a long time. Solstice may have been celebrated during the stone age because of the way the solstice sun lines up with Stonehenge. The Ancient Greeks celebrated it. Solstice is also on the Asian calendar. So a lot of people all around the world have celebrated Solstice.

Winter solstice is celebrated with bonfires, because it's dark out early so you need light. Candles, lanterns, and feasting are also part of solstice celebrations. It's really really cold on winter solstice, so people a long time ago didn't know if they would have enough food or warmth. Some people in the past got scared that it could become dark all day, so they used fire to sort of remind the sun to come out. After winter solstice the days start getting longer again.
(dictated by C)

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