Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Wednesday

Sylvia, Camille, and Camille's boyfriend, Luke
 That's right, boyfriend.  They've been very sweet on each other since around Valentine's day.  Every time they see each other and are about to part ways they like to give each other a little smooch.  They also like to hold hands and compliment each other and laugh together.  Smitten seven-year-olds are very sweet, and yet, the Mama Bear in me occasionally says "Wait!  No boyfriends.  I'm not ready."  (And often people react to hearing that Camille has a boyfriend with "Oh No!  Already? You'd better watch out."  It's usually said half-jokingly.)  But this isn't about me or my fears or my experiences, this is about two very sweet affectionate children who share a great adoration for each other and who am I (or anyone else) to see anything bad about that?
 And yes, that's Sylvia with her new pixie cut.  It seems to be a Verde girl right-of-passage to grow dreadlocks and right about when they're finally fully formed, chop it all off.  I think she's adorable any which way.  She had a brief crisis when she looked in the mirror and was unsure if she was still the same person, but I talked to her about all the things I love about her that make her Sylvia and she seems to have fully regained her confidence.

 Camille proudly displays her certificate of rank from her Aikido class.  This is something she will dearly miss when we move to the country, but I'm confident we will find something fun and physical to take its place, not a martial arts class necessarily, but something...


  1. I think it's sweet that Camille has a boyfriend. And I love Sylvia's hair!

  2. Sweet!

    A has a thing for one girl in his karate class. He says he is going to marry her. And G has songs that remind him of this girl he met at a karate camp last summer. He wistfully talks of her. Gets quiet to 'assassins'. Sweet sweet boys. And I have NO IDEA where they get it from because we don't really emphasize boy/girl and all that yet and they don't really watch things that are about that yet. But it is there. And it is true. And I love that they are free to express it.

    Such a sweet girl, and such a good mama to let her be happy exploring an innocent friendship at her age. I think we set the standard for healthy relationships at a young age, you know?

    Great photos!!

  3. I love the legs in the tree! What a great photo!


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