Friday, April 8, 2011

what we've been up to this week

~ homeschool Girl-scouts ~ learning how to waltz and random dance party (Abba, ska, French techno, belly dance, and hmm? maybe Hungarian pop)

~ park play
(we love this tree)
~ also toy-making with the Girl-scouts (kite, doll, paper optical-illusion, button spinner, tissue-paper flowers, and ocean-in-a bottle)
 The ocean-in-a-bottle is simple:  water, blue food coloring, small dolphin toy (optional), oil, glitter, and hot-glue to seal cap (also fun for babies :)

~ which led to raiding the craft supplies for toy-making at home

~ and backyard-foraging for wild onions and plantain and dandelion leaves, which led to Camille and Sylvia making and enjoying "wild soup"

~knitting Ayla's birthday present.  It's a cooperative project with Camille and I taking turns with the knitting and Sylvia fluffing and stuffing with wool.

oh, and bike-riding, ballet, aikido, snuggling, dog-walking, pottery, singing, alphabet puzzles, a potluck, and on and on....


  1. I think my very favorite is the baby teeths! :)

  2. Yum, Nikole! And I don't just mean the "wild" soup, I mean all of these lovely pics. (And speaking of the soup—is it real? It's not just grass? 'Cos it looks very grassy and gloriously wild. Can I trust it?) :)

  3. Mmm hmm. Wild onions and dandelion greens with miso, sea salt and pepper. Yummier than it looks, each girl ate a large bowlful plus they split most of my serving. It's trustworthy ;-)

  4. I keep wanting to try those tissue paper flowers but haven't done it yet. i think they're so fun and pretty.


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