Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday nature walk

We walked down into the valley right next to our (or soon-to-be-ours) property.  The Raye family kids, Reeve, Kyle and Stella showed us around :)

 Here's Reeve and Sylvia making their way down the hill.
I'm not familiar with this plant but it was growing all along the little creek.

(This is skunk cabbage and I have a new favorite plant identification website for Wisconsin.  I love that it shows what's blooming for each month)

 Kyle showed me some moss that he had found

 Does anyone know what these lovely wildflowers are?

(I believe this is hepatica nobilis ~ common name: liverwort)
 Stella really likes them
And to top it off, we got back into the city before dark for a change, and enjoyed this beautiful sunset.  Aaah, a day well-spent.


  1. to close the proverbial loop: hepatica. i wish i could say i knew it, but i love to look up stuff like this. it's been used medicinally too. :)

  2. Thanks Ry. If you want to help me discover what that strange bulbous plant is too, I wouldn't mind ;-)

  3. What a beautiful place. That is fantastic!

  4. The first plant is skunk cabbage, the second Spring Beauty. I love spring!

  5. Thanks for your identification help, Ry and Jen.

    That first one is definitely skunk cabbage, but I think the second one is hepatica, the leaves are different from spring beauty. There's so much to discover!

  6. Beautiful images! I love seeing what's blooming in other areas of the country.

  7. I can't wait to see all your photos when you move! I can't wait to go on your adventure with you :) It makes me want to move to a space like that, to woods like that. Move into an adventure like yours! Ah. I'll just have to meander through your photos and dream…

  8. I'm so jealous! We'd love to live somewhere where there's more space.


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