Monday, April 11, 2011

ballerina fairy

Here's Sylvia waiting to go on stage for her first ballet performance.  She's more excited than nervous.  As she was performing the camera went all wonky (I think it may have been the humidity in the gym), so I just set the camera down and sat and smiled at her like crazy.  It was better that way I think :)

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  1. I LOVE this, Nikole! Love the idea of you smiling like crazy, not clicking, just watching. I know the feeling, of pride, of joy in watching another person's joy. It's magic, isn't it.

    Sometimes my boy catches my eye while he's drumming, in a performance. Sees me grinning and oh so proud. And he gives me a big old smile, like we're just chilling out, the two of us. It makes my heart flip flop every time.


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