Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Camille's homeschool girl-scout troop went on an overnight trip to the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium and spent the night at a hotel with an indoor waterpark.  What an adventure for the girls (and for a mama with little ones along!)  I anticipated some melt-downs and packed enough healthy food and treaty snacks for two families, as well as some organic lollipops to distract if needed :)  We made it through with relatively little drama for our family, but Camille did NOT want to leave when it was all said and done.

river town

Sylvia was fascinated by this display of different kinds of animal scat and asked me to put it on my blog along with descriptions of which animal produced which scat (I'll spare you that part ;-)

learning about soil erosion along the river bank

Waiting for the 4-D movie Turtle Vision to start.  The seats shook, water sprinkled down.  There was fog machines and fans, and the 3-D effects were excellent.  The girls kept trying to reach out to touch the baby turtles and shrink down to get away from the snake.

Archimede's screw

looking down on the "funicular"

looking up on the way back up

and oh my, a water park!

the view from our hotel room

And we got back just in time to eat lunch and go to pottery.  Mmm, exhausting and fun-filled.  Yup, I went to bed early with baby Ayla, but the girls somehow still stayed up late playing with Papa last night.  The kiddos have stamina.

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