Saturday, April 16, 2011

One year ago...

this good-natured little soul made her way into this world and into our family.  She is a go-with-the flow, quick-to-smile, thrill-me-to-my-toes-when-she-giggles kind of love.  Happy birthday, Ayla Fern.  Thank you for the light you shine
strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream
birthday jam session

tasty new leg warmers
showin' off her new kicks


More Birthday Love
 lunch at Crema Cafe

 last minute hippo knittin'

 and an enchanted castle cake conceived of and created by Camille and Sylvia

*and lest you worry about our baby's diet, we did not feed her marshmallows and gum drops.  She had just the gluten-free cake with organic fruit spread filling and a bit of whipped cream, which is plenty extravagant all on its own :)


  1. Oh I hope she had a wonderful birthday. I can't believe my little one has passed that milestone as well. Time flies!
    She is adorable.

  2. Bright Birthday Blessings Ayla (love that name)

    Love the photo of the piano jamming with the foot on the keys, looks great fun!

    Michelle xx


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