Friday, February 17, 2012

two days of busy

Day one started with an unschooling chat (for the adults) and game playing (for the kids).

  Then we met friends at an indoor playground,

  followed by an outdoor playground.  There was also shopping at the natural foods co-op, and a long drive home where all three girls fell sweetly asleep, and two parents could have an uninterrupted conversation :)

Day two was a potluck and square dance with the homeschool co-op that was so. much. fun.

 At the end of day two, a walk out on the field for Camille to try out her new bow and arrow.  Now, if she could just find a dragon egg...

Some days (weeks) go by with a mellow ebb and flow.  Then, a pile of busy happens upon us.  It's a balance, of sorts.  And, it's just the way we like it!

I'm joining Stephanie over at Ordinary Life Magic for Saturday's Artist


  1. ive been contemplating joining a homeschool co-op but havent done so yet. i think i need to :-) looks like fun.

  2. FF, Our nearest homeschool co-op is pretty loose-knit, but we have enjoyed every activity that we've joined in with them.

  3. I always feel a sense of peace when I come visit, Nikole. Do you know that? I love the ebb and flow of your days, so much. I love seeing your kids out and about, on those fields and dancing. Beautiful. (And Camille rocks that bow and arrow. My son would love to join her!)

    Love to you, Nikole. Thanks for being in my life.

  4. Thank You, Helena. Your words mean a lot to me.


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