Saturday, February 11, 2012

words, for a change

I woke up in a cozy tangle of little girl limbs, and in my sleepy haze, it took me a minute to figure out where my body ended and theirs began.  I very rarely get a lot of space to myself, including headspace.  My girls like to talk a lot, and touch (read climb all over), and interact, and follow me into the bathroom.  Ayla is sitting on my lap now, scribbling on paper.  It is not easy to type around her.

I am not complaining.  I chose this life.  I birthed these children. I chose to parent in a way that is respectful and that allows my children to tangle their limbs with mine when they sleep, share their thoughts with me (seemingly constantly), and engage my attention a lot.  Someday they will not want my attention as much.  Someday they will not want to snuggle in my bed every night or follow me to the bathroom.  But I suspect that the strong and loving relationship that we have developed will remain, and I will simply have more headspace and more time to pursue my own interests as they grow up.

Parenting isn't always easy, but it doesn't need to be adversarial.  Children learn respect by being respected.


  1. This sounds so much like our life. I have to smile. Thanks for reminder. Sometimes, I feel like I could use a tad more space - but only sometimes. And, does it ever go by in the blink of an eye!

  2. Kelly, I sometimes want (and ask for) a little space too. It's a reminder to myself as well, to appreciate where I'm at :)

  3. I get more space these days... but they're still here, very near. :) You're right... it doesn't change.
    Thank goodness.

  4. Beautiful. I try reminding myself of those same things, too.


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