Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waaaaaaah, My Camera Died

I may be absent for I generally rely on pictures to carry me through this blog.  I'm not much of a wordsmith.

I spent the day with Sylvia and Ayla stringing wooden beads (and anything they could find with a hole) on laces and threading lacing animals.  Sylvia learned how to tie a bowline, a clove hitch, and two half hitch knots from The Book of Knots that we checked out from the library, but alas, I cannot share with you the cute pictures I took of them doing these things :(
The Book of Knots: How to Tie the World's 25 Most Useful Hitches, Ties, Wraps and Knots
blurry photo courtesy of Amazon                  wooden lacing animals

She loves to tie knots, that girl.  I have found the dining room chairs all tied together with T-shirt strips, and my dresser drawers all knotted together with thick rope, and all manner of things tied to other things lately.  I think I'll get her some cheap nylon rope and let her make a big maze/obstacle course in the living room.  Maybe by then I'll have my camera situation figured out :)  Until then, I'll still be visiting your blogs and such, but it may be awfully quiet here.


  1. oh no! That really sucks. My son threw down my moms nice camera I was using and broke it. The camera repair place said it wasn't worth it to fix (guess the camera wasn't too nice to them). We had an old one lying around though. Don't be gone long!

  2. Really sorry to hear that. Hope you're up and running soon!

  3. Thanks ladies. I ordered a nicer (but used) camera. I hope it comes soon. It's hard to wait. Right now Camille is rollerskating around the living room with heart shaped antennas on, and I would love to take a picture...

  4. oh no, oh no, oh no. But one is on its way!! Thank goodness. :)
    my least favorite, that!

    Hopefully it will come today!

  5. Oh no!! I had a camera scare a few days ago - it refused to focus until I turned it off and on several times. Thank goodness it appears to be working now since I was about to have a meltdown. Your handling the whole thing very graciously I might add :)

  6. Jaime, I'm glad yours fixed easily. I can't tell you how many times I turned mine off and on hoping it would miraculously start working again :)


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