Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 days of unschooling

Monday saw Camille singing and reading a part for her first formal audition.  It was for The Music Man at a local community theater.  She sang beautifully and clearly and was a little nervous for the reading, but came away feeling confident.  I can already see her getting more comfortable with herself since she quit going to school.  It makes me happy to see her happy again.  She has such a passionate (sometimes intense) personality, and I think that can be a huge benefit to her, but in certain highly-controlled settings, it can feel very difficult for her, I think. 
 Tuesday, into the city we went.  We played at castle park, and attracted the attention of other little girls who thought my girls looked like fun, as well as meeting up with friends.

 We went to the new exhibit at Aldo Leopold Nature Center.
 a giant sphere filled with tiny shrimp

 immersion theater

 a green screen weather-forcast studio

 touch screens
After lunch, it was back to Aldo Leopold for Camille and Sylvia and friends for a homeschool class about snakes, turtles, and such.  Followed by tree climbing and fairy-house building with friends.  It's a little amusing that even when we come into the city, you can find us climbing trees, and playing outside!

 Today (so far) has been a bit of a free-for-all.  Ayla helped me plant fingerling potatoes in our (weedy) garden.

 Camille spent hours creating shrinky dink charms for a necklace for herself and a bracelet for Sylvia.
 Camille said that each of Sylvia's charms represented something nice about her.  The flower because she was cute, the rainbow because she made others happy, the rocketship because she reaches for the stars, etc.  Aaaaaw.  For all of those sibling moments when they need a little space, a little coaching, a little extra attention to keep things peaceful, these moments outshine them by far (now, if I can remember that in those other moments.... :)
 Of the eleven chicks we hatched, we're giving away three tomorrow and keeping the rest to introduce into our flock.  They're getting so big.
 Right now, all three girls are helping Papa side the chicken coop with our cut, painted, and re-purposed-aluminum-heating-duct tiles.
 Camille is keeping the tile pattern and picking out the next tile.  Sylvia is providing water and a willing runner to the garage for extra supplies, and Ayla is handing the screws to Papa as needed.  We don't have near enough prepped to finish siding it, but I'm really happy with the way it's coming so far.  I designed the template, the pattern, and picked and painted the colors.  I think I had the easiest job :)

With interest-led learning or unschooling, I don't wonder if  my children are learning anything , or if they are properly 'socialized'.  I see every day, as we're reading a book, singing, watching a show, having a conversation, exploring a new park or exhibit, climbing a tree, kicking a ball, siding a chicken coop, or working out differences with a friend that a child immersed in her own interests cannot help but learn and question and ponder and absorb information from the world around her.  My job is providing a rich and diverse environment and access to the outside world in fun, interesting, and yes, educational ways.


  1. Your girls are simply adorable. What terrific unschooling days you are having!

  2. Love the recycling siding idea.
    The girls seem to be learning so much in the unschooling days. I have found when I let my children go...they enjoy childhood moore and learn without all the hub-bub.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  3. I love those days! Thanks for sharing - makes unschooling seem valid and real and helps me be braver :-)

  4. Thanks for your kind comments. It's nice to hear encouraging words from folks :)


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