Tuesday, May 1, 2012

dandelion crowns, ropes, nests, and mudpies

It's day 4 of Papa being gone on a business trip (computer programming convention in a swanky, oceanside hotel - lucky guy :), and I'm trying to keep us all happy, busy, and fed by myself.  So, this morning, I asked, "Do you wanna go to soccer club?  It's kind of a long drive?"
"So, what should we do?"

Well, as it turns out, dandelion-crown making ...

 Ayla, and Sylvia's nearly-everyday wet sand play ...
 lounging in the grass ...

 ropes play ...

  and revamping the 'nests', including adding a homemade dining table.
 Later, when Ayla napped, I snuck up on this sweet scene like a wildlife photographer ...
 but they sussed me out.

 We had a rousing game of Wildcraft.  I think I've mentioned it here before, but we love this cooperative game!

And no day around here lately would be complete without chickie love.  We're up to eleven happy, healthy ones in the brooder!
 Yup, Camille's still in her pajamas, and the other two have had on about 12 outfits each.

 One more round of laundry on the line and mudpies, and I would call that a quite wonderful day.  A nearly perfect ordinary day in fact.  Still and all, I'm looking forward to seeing that man sooner than later.


  1. My kids seem to find a nest where ever our life takes us. They just pointed one out to me the other day they are going to claim. Ya know I think a good chocolate yogurt smoothie would go with those mud pies.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  2. best pic ever of them reading in their nest.

  3. I love the ropes play. It is such a great idea. What kind of rope do you use? I'm off to find the perfect spot.

  4. Bethany, we were lucky to get really thick rope that was retired from a friend's tree trimming business. I think it might be similar to rope that climbers use. The only real requirement is that it can safely hold a person's weight. Good luck! Let me know if it works out :)

  5. Looks like so much fun! My younger three would love the ropes but we don't have any trees in our small garden sadly! I always miss my hubby lots when he has to work away!

  6. Your flower girls are gorgeous!


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