Friday, May 11, 2012

Up-time and Down-time

When we drive the 80+ miles into the city, we usually drop Papa at work, spend the whole day running around, and then pick him up on the way out.  This means a seriously long day of GO, but it's a nice counterpoint to the quieter days at home.  Although I really enjoy these out-and-about days, I'm so glad that Papa can work from home most of the time, and that we are all quite happy to be here a lot.
 Yesterday was our second trip in this week which is some seriously fast rollin' for us, luckily the girls catch some rest when and where they can.  In fact even Papa fell asleep on the way home and it was just me and Camille awake when we pulled back into the driveway at the day's end.
 We started our day in a pioneer style log cabin at the children's museum, carding wool, and trying out other chores from the time period.

 Then we moved on to all of the girls' favorite exhibits inside.  It's so nice to have a membership here, so that we can just pop in when we have extra time.

  They always have artsy craft supplies on hand.  Sylvia and Ayla made felt flower pins and Camille made a small doll from recycled materials.

 We also went to a natural food's store, ate lunch out, and went to homeschool park day, where Camille sold and/or gave away all of the eggs that she brought in a cooler for her egg business.  Ayla caught a nice nap in the middle of the Mamas chatting, knitting, and keeping an eye on all of the bustling kid activity.  There was capture the flag, hide-and-seek, swinging, running, and who-knows-what-else going on with the large group of kids of all ages, from teens on down.

Today, however, we were downright lazy :).  There was a bit of a My Little Pony marathon, with a run to the grocery store and to get My Little Pony dolls.  Oh happy girls!  Now one is at a sleep over, one is on the riding lawn mower with Papa, and the littlest is peacefully sleeping in my arms.

It's a good kind of life.


  1. neat exhibit at the children's museum! wish we had one like that. i think we are going to get a membership to ours. the summers here are HOT and we will prob want to be inside a bit. i know you probably don't want 50 my little ponies but try for grab bags. I got 50 for 10$! my girls were soooooooooooo excited!

  2. What a beautifully full day. I love Pioneer museums! We went to one in Virginia when we stayed there and I think that one was my favorite :).

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Nikole, Happy Mother's Day!
    And you won the drop spindle and wool giveaway, please send me your address lucky lady!!

  3. How exciting. Thanks MJ! We used a drop spindle at the pioneer exhibit AND Camille and I have been wanting one for awhile. Yay!!!


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