Tuesday, May 22, 2012

just life as usual ....

I'm still not feel very wordy around here....
 under the deck

in the yard

 in the brooder


bramble blossoms

 park day

playin' blocks with Grandma

caught a snake in the kitchen! (a baby Eastern milk snake)

helpful country girls


  1. Looks like lots of fun and smiles, and my, those eggs, what amazing colours

  2. I've missed hearing from you. The pictures tell so much!

    Uhh, I don't mind most snakes, but one in the kitchen...yipes! Is it in the microwave?

  3. Bethany, In the year that we've lived here the ONLY snake I've seen was this tiny one crawling on my kitchen floor, no ideas how it got there. In the pic it's in a plastic food storage container on its way out of the house!


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