Monday, May 14, 2012

spring is in swing

 I don't have any fancy knowledge of photography, but I love that a little shift in perspective can really change  the whole feel of a composition.

I feel like this blog can sometimes change my perspective on my life in a similar way.  The ordinary moments string together no differently because I blog, but my notice of them has changed, because I share them here with you (whoever you may be :).
 I love that my girls are no longer surprised when I screech to a halt half a mile from home to take a picture of wildflowers (wild lupine and columbine).  In fact it's the perfect chance for them to grab a handful of columbine blossoms to suck the nectar from....
 So, our day was spent at the beach and then planting in the garden....
 I love that Camille took a picture of me digging holes to plant potatoes in, and that I look like such a Wild Woman here.  I don't always look quite like that.
 I love that I have at least one daughter who is just as happy as I am to put seeds into the soil.
 I love that Sylvia can joyfully share the facepaint art that she created while being quiet in the bathroom for nearly an hour.  (It is seldom quiet here when this girl is awake.)
 I love that these two littlest girls can dig in wet sand everyday and it doesn't lose it's charm.
As much as I love visiting this space and sharing our lives, and I do really enjoy it, I think I'll take a bit of a break, just because spring is in swing.

(And I don't know how many pictures of my girls half-clothed, digging in the dirt anyone wants to see :)

It might not be long at all, but I'll be back when I'm re-inspired, until then I'll still be popping by other blogs to visit and see what y'all are up to :).


  1. I for one never get sick of pictures of my girls.

  2. I hope for two things: That you have a lovely spring break, and that you come back soon! Because I love your days and reading about them and being a part of your lives…which might seem strange, but I do feel connected to you, by all that you share—it always makes me smile to come here. Happy Springing, Nikole! :)

    (And I just love the photo of you digging in the dirt!)

  3. lol wild one! It's true about blogging being able to recognize the ordinary everyday moments and how great they are. I love looking back over my blog sometimes, at old posts and whatnot, and just thinking man we're lucky. Just being able to stay home and not have to go places all of the time, everyday, like most, is so great! I think I could take pictures of us just sitting thinking and be happy with them :-) by the way, its almost summer you know!

  4. Yup, I think the Papas are the number one fans of blogs. :)

    I commented on your fb pic (the gardening one) that I often sport that same 'do. :)

    It's that time. Dirt, swimming, underwear, garden love. :) It's a good life.

  5. luv you, girl, and luv yr girls!


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