Wednesday, May 30, 2012

drop spindles and backyard tea

Thanks to MJ over at Wander Wonder Discover we are the happy owners of a new drop spindle and a lovely basket of wool roving.  I won her blog giveaway earlier this month!
It soon became clear that if I wanted to try my hand at spinning wool we would need more spindles.  Papa whipped up a drop spindle (two, actually) from a dowel, a hook, and a sanded disc of wood.  Simple and effective.  Camille was soon out-spinning me in both quality and quantity :)

 Today, besides reading Peter and the Starcatchers and Winnie the Pooh, making raw nut and veggie pate, playing Neopets Puzzle Adventure and JumpStart Pet Rescue on the Wii, and working a bit in the garden, Sylvia and I made backyard sun tea while Camille twisted wool into yarn.

 Sylvia gathered clover, pineapple weed, wild mint, and spearmint, raspberry leaves, nettle leaves and rose petals.

 We left it in the (occasional) sun for awhile, it steeped without much heat, but was delicious, floral, and refreshing to me and Camille.  Sylvia loved making it, but spit her sip out immediately.  Oh, well.
 Camille was then ready to ply her strands of twisted wool, unrolling the length and folding it in the middle to twist back on itself so that it won't unravel, and the colors blended beautifully as she had spun two different and varied colors of roving.

 It's a beautiful start.  She wants to knit it into the beginnings of a  'fashion scarf'.
 And so goes another day in our lives .... and now I'm off to read Tiggers Don't Climb Trees.  Good night and sweet dreams.

*  I linked up this week over at The Magic Onion's Friday's Nature Table, and Natural Suburbia's Creative Friday.

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  1. Yaaayyyy!! Go Camille! Your yarn looks wonderful!! So glad you both are enjoying it and doing so well...The backyard sun tea looks delicious too :)..
    cheers and spin on!!


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