Saturday, November 26, 2011

Naked Lady Party: A Tradition

Also known as a clothing swap, but it doesn't have quite the same ring.
 Once a  season (or so) one of the women from our group of friends offers to host a naked lady party.  It is a great chance to purge the closet, and/or add to it, as well as an excuse to get together with some of my all-time favorite ladies.
 It's the perfect way to pass on old favorite clothes that no longer serve you, or those that never fit quite so, even hand-made items that you just can't bring yourself to donate to a thrift store.  Everyone brings their unwanted clothing, and sometimes books, DVDs, or household items.  They get sorted into separate piles of skirts, pants, sweaters, etc.  An hour or so after people gather together, the dig begins!  It's a free-for-all, pick it up, try it on, and either keep it or toss it back on the pile, kind of lovely mayhem.

  It was also a lovely way to spend black friday and come home with a large bag of new (to me) clothes, and fill up on hugs and laughter with some truly lovely women.  All while being eco-friendly and avoiding consumer madness.

 Some elements to consider if you are thinking of hosting a naked lady party:  A full length mirror (or two) in the swap area is nice, and some music.  Our group of friends usually bring wine and/or snacks.  There could be a designated area for safe piles, where people can stash the clothes that they plan on bringing home with them, or they can just fill up bags.  And the group doesn't need to be large.  Some of my favorite swaps have been with less than ten or so ladies.

Anyway, thanks to some of my favorite women for hugs, laughter, friendship and the stuffed-to-overflowing bag of clothes that I brought home with me. Some items are bound to show back up at another naked lady party... (maybe that sea-foam green corduroy blazer).


  1. What a wonderful idea, Nikole! It sounds (and looks) like you had a truly beautiful time. I don't even know what 'black friday' is, but this sounds better—instinctively, this sounds better. My friend did something like this for a non-profit aid organisation she runs—it was such a loving, laugh-filled day. I'd love to do one of these. Perhaps I could host one and you could come—you could bring your beautiful family all the way from Wisconsin to my beach town in Australia and we could swap clothes. Wouldn't that be lovely? :)

  2. Dear Helena, I would love that..Australia, a beach town, you and your family...I'm there :)
    (Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, sale-driven, biggest shopping day of the year here in the US)

  3. My mom goes to/participates in Naked Lady parties with her friends, too... she loves them! :)


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