Wednesday, March 2, 2011

catch up in photos

We've been busy lately.  Here's some photos from the last week to give you a glimpse into our busyness :)
large recycled crayons
Ayla loves playing this little piano
Sylvia being helped up the big hill by friend Kyle
I finished knitting this just in time for Sylvia's birthday...
she can be turned inside out...
to look like this...
Sisters share a sundae on Sylvia's birthday

 These girls love a good living room dance party, especially if it includes bubbles and a little trampoline!
yet more (gluten-free) cupcake decorating

decorating pots at the children's museum for bulb planting

 And another day at the capitol.  Protesters are (illegally) shut out of the capitol for the governor's budget address.
Besides the usual shouts of "What's disgusting?  UNION BUSTING!", the crowd chants, "Let us in! Let us in!" and "Resign!"

I think tomorrow we will stay home and laze around in our pajamas all day (I hope)  ;-)

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  1. Happy (belated) birthday to Sylvia!

    I love the little knitted doll - I had one like that when I was a child. I wonder if my mother still has it somewhere...


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