Monday, March 28, 2011

the making of tribbles and a small giveaway

  After having a theater date with Papa last week to see Mad Science Production's Star Trek Live, Camille came home wanting to make some tribbles.  Hmmm, yeah, not being a trekkie myself I had to look it up.  Furry ovals or circles it looks like.  Yes, couldn't be easier!  And apparently they multiply, like crazy on the show, and only slightly less like crazy in my home.

It started with a trip to the fabric store for furry material, with Sylvia putting in a request for a pink tribble.  Since there were 19 people ahead of us in line for the cutting table (!) we were forced to browse and browse and we came home with significantly more items than we had intended.  Besides this lovely stack of fabric, we got a simple summer dress pattern (for Camille to make for herself and Sylvia), a cross stitch kit and sew-your-own tote bag (for C), a color-your-own wooden puzzle (for S), and one skein of wool yarn for me.

Camille decided on two circles sewn together and stuffed.  She traced a circle of furry fabric and cut it out. Then she pinned it fur-to-fur to another piece of the fabric to cut out an identical circle, sewed most of the circumference on the sewing machine, turned it inside-out, stuffed it, and hand-sewed the opening closed.  After the first one, she only needed my help with threading the machine, and she was off and sewing on her own.

Camille is really enjoying the process of creating these tribbles, and while a couple of them have intended recipients, she would like to offer one small pink tribble and one small brown tribble as a giveaway (we will send them to you wherever you are).  Simply leave a comment if you would like to enter and we will randomly draw a winner to be the proud owner of two lovingly-made tribbles :)

There is one week to enter.  Winner will be drawn on Monday, April 4.

 And the winner is.......
A great big thank you to all who entered from Camille!  (Kyle we'll bring you your tribbles next time we see you :)


  1. As a fellow trekkie can you count me in please :o)

  2. I adore Tribbles, I wish my girls were trekkies, but no such luck :)

  3. Oh what fun! Love that your daughter tackled this project and now wants to share her creations.

  4. We would love to give a Tribble a happy home--with cat siblings.

  5. Hi Camille,
    My Mom just showed me this. They look pretty cool, please enter me! Thanks,Kyle

  6. Hi Camille,
    That was fun with the bike today. Please enter me too in your contest. Thanks, Reeve

  7. Great Job Camille! I think it is simply awesome that you can use a sewing machine :) I bet Stella would love a pink one :) Thanks for a fun day today! ~Laura


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