Friday, March 18, 2011


Today was a day for walking...
We followed the railroad tracks most of the way to a cupcakery that sells gluten-free and regular cupcakes...

We walked along the bike path to Olbrich Botanical Gardens, and then we walked all around the paths through the gardens...

 hands were held
secrets were whispered

robins were spied

 flowers were blooming


grass was greening


                              camera modes were played with                          *
 sculptures were climbed
sisters were kissed
Then we walked home, happy to put our feet up for a little while :)

*photos followed by an asterisk were taken by Camille

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  1. Nikole, this looks like a magical day! Looks like it was the week for walking, 'cos we went for a wonderful discovery walk recently too. I love the idea of a shop that sells gluten free cupcakes! And I love all the Spring in your photos, so many beautiful flowers poking their heads out and sniffing the air. Ah, thanks for this Smile Bringing, Spirit Lifting post, Nikole. :)

  2. What a fun walk! Wish we had fun places like that to walk past. And I would love to hear more about this cupcake place!!

  3. The Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery on Atwood St. is the place we went. They have one gluten-free cupcake flavor each day, and many other fun cupcakes (I had banana pecan with choc./peanut butter frosting) They also have soup and other cafe-type food. We only go when we are in the mood for a special treat.

  4. Nikole,
    How neat that you can walk to a bakery with gluten free cupcakes! Gorgeous colors and lovely photography.

  5. So much goodliness!!
    Love the trip pictures.
    And the life.
    And snowdrops! Found some of those recently, myself. :D

    I so love seeing this beautiful life in action. sigh.

    And others in dreads is cool, too. :)

  6. Very nice! Glad to have found you via L & L!

  7. Love the dragon! Beautiful Spring photos.

  8. Yes love the dragon too! really beautiful pictures. So much joy in life. Thanks for sharing this post!


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