Tuesday, March 8, 2011

spring is near

This weekend the grandparents came to visit, and we had another little birthday celebration for Sylvia.
Even Papa and Grandpa donned princess party hats.  What good sports!

We also went out to the house in the country that we will be moving to in a couple of short months.  Camille and Sylvia did some hiking in the valley and explored some little caves.  One cave even had arrowheads in it.

Other than the usual aikido and Girl Scouts (for Camille) and ballet (for Sylvia), the girls have been busy creating (with Bendaroos)...
playing around on the keyboard...

...and enjoying the balmy weather,

well, a lot of the snow is melting anyway...

Ayla doesn't know what to think about the white stuff that is left, but she sure likes being able to move around outside. Aaaaaaah.  Spring is on the way!

Camille took many many pictures like this one, in awe of the emerging ground.  This one she titled, "Loggy".   :)

With spring just within reach, I feel such a pull, a longing for what is coming next... warmth, and green-ness, sunshine on bare arms, and the up-coming move to the country.  It makes it hard to focus on the day-to-day stuff, the cooking, dishes, laundry, tidying seem so blah.  I think it's time to start packing some boxes.  It's hard to start, as the task seems so enormous, but one must start somewhere.  2 1/2 months will go by so fast....


  1. Oh, your move sounds so exciting, so filled with Possibility! I can't wait either. I can't wait to hear about the journey, see it through your eyes and those of your kids. Maybe you should move now, like, today, just so the Adventure can start, already!!

    Amazing to have real seasons, so that Spring feels so palpable, so Just Around The Corner. Here in Oz, you either find yourself wearing a sweater (and then wearing it for four months) or suddenly in a pair of shorts splashing in the sea. Nothing so extraordinary as discovering the earth after months of white.

    I hope the coming couple of months are bearable as the Grand Adventure comes closer and closer! :)

  2. Ha! We are once again covered in a thick layer of snow. The seasons sure do keep us on our toes here. It's beautiful, but I sure could go for some shorts and a splash in the sea :) maybe it would help me with my Patience ;-)


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