Thursday, March 10, 2011

Protest art

The governor of Wisconsin is up to more (illegal) tricks, and rather than go into a long-winded rant about it, I will just share with you our "creative response", while protesting at the capitol today.  Inspired by a chalk the walk event, we brought some supplies to get creative onsite.  We traced each other (multiple times), chalked in some messages, and were joined by others as well.

Sylvia and I had been excited about sign making before we left the house, and had gotten out the markers, paints, and oh yeah, glitter, too.

My sign was inspired by the chanting "Whose house?  OUR HOUSE!  Whose house?  OUR HOUSE!"
The flag-carrier is our former neighbor, Jake.  The girls couldn't resist climbing the snow mound to join him and his son.  
We were also joined by our good friend, Laura, for some more chalk art.

*I (obviously) can't take credit for all of the photos.  At various times the camera was also held by Sylvia, Camille, and Laura.


  1. I am proud to be your friend. Truly.

  2. What a fantastic, yet peaceful protest.
    Way to go you.

  3. That is so creative! Actually saw some photos of your drawings on Facebook already; and NOT on your page. Crazy.
    Good work!

  4. Phenomenal. There aren't words to describe how much I love what you've been doing during this & the fact that you're involving your kids is even better. Keep fighting the good fight...

  5. This is great! Are you going out to the tractorcade today?

  6. Thanks for all of the encouragement!

    @Blue Faerie, I love that the farmers are coming in support, but we generally avoid the larger crowds on the weekends when there is no shortage of protesters. So, no tractorcade for us, but I look forward to seeing pictures of it.

  7. "Kindergarteners Against Bullies" ♥


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